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Case Study

Shear improvement for Hadley Group

Reaffirming its pursuit of innovation and improvement, Hadley Group is pleased to announce a new flying shear at the end of its rolling mill at its Downing Street production site, which will improve UK capabilities.

**Reaffirming its pursuit of innovation and improvement, Hadley Group is pleased to announce a new flying shear at the end of its rolling mill at its Downing Street production site, which will improve UK capabilities.**After many years of service the existing shear was at maximum capacity and struggling to meet demand. The 125t machine was limited on tonnage and tool capacity, as such a team of Hadley Group staff were challenged to design and manufacture an improved model. After much research and development, the team decided that a high-speed 250-ton machine would provide the optimum solution allowing heavy profiles up to 8mm to be accurately pierced and cut-to-length.The advancement marks the culmination of more than two years of hard work. A team consisting of four design engineers and four build engineers has worked tirelessly to design the shear from scratch, from buying the parts to manufacturing the item. The team is beginning to see the fruits of their labour, with the build now in the late stages of construction with a view to entering the test phase soon.Weighing nearly 15-tons, the moving carriage on the new shear is driven by two servomotors, which drive through two precision gearboxes and finally through twin high precision rack and pinion. The machine has been created to be far more accessible than its previous incarnation. To achieve this, the team of developers has motorised everything that could be.What’s more, because of the scale of this machine, practically all adjustments are via the HMI display. The HMI display gives the operator numerous programming benefits over the old machine. All programming, operating and troubleshooting documentation is readily accessible on screen. All job specific settings can be saved either on the machine as special jobs or to the network server.Speaking on the new model, Ben Towe, Group Deputy Managing Director at Hadley Group commented:“We put innovation at the forefront of everything we do and constantly try to find efficiencies within our operation. Thisnew shear represents a big step for us in that process and will significantly improve capability and repeatability of heavy gauge profiles. It’s testament to our incredible team of design engineers and build engineers who have devoted almost two years of effort to helping us design and manufacture the new model.”With a range of additional features and benefits, the new shear will deliver new capabilities to UK operations. Unlike the previous machine the new model is equipped with a high-speed actuation with a fully programmable stroke length, which will be used for all existing and future tooling. Also, the new machine has automated height adjustment, front/ rear adjustment and the ability to cater for complex features including swept sections.

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