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Case Study

UltraZED™ Purlins & UltraMEZZ™ Mezzanine Flooring Systems selected by specialist in fabricating and constructing industrial buildings

A company specialising in fabricating and constructing industrial buildings, including works completed at Cardiff airport, is making extensive use of purlins and other profiles from the Hadley Group range.

Arena Supplies, founded in 1992, has established a strongreputation for delivering high quality steel framed buildings,earning it repeat business with a variety of national companies.Switching to specifying Hadley Group’s **UltraZED™** purlins fiveyears ago, they have continued to employ its **UltraBEAM** and**UltraMEZZ™** products, with orders amounting to over £30K inthat same period.Arena Supplies provides complete turnkey solutions for itscustomers – works including the foundations, slab and allservices – before erecting the primary steel frame; fabricated atits premises in Llantrisant, Glamorgan. The BSE N90 executionClass 2 registered manufacturer then employs Hadley Group’s**UltraZED™** purlins and **UltraBEAM** profiles for closing thebuilding envelope.Managing Director for Arena Supplies, Scott William, commented:**“Hadley Group is a very good company to work with: we get abrilliant service, particularly in terms of supply, which is why wewent over to using Hadley Group’s profiles, and while we have ourown in-house structural engineers, they will regularly make useof Hadley Group’s own software and support to verify the figuresrelating to the products chosen. Our turnover has been growing steadily with different projects,seeing us working all over the UK, building industrial andcommercial properties – both for private clients and our sistercompany which develops industrial parks – with the volume ofHadley Group profiles we use, also increasing. Overall we are verypleased with the service we receive.”** A recently completed project at Cardiff airport, which involved thecreation of a car hire vehicle storage unit, with separate car washfacility, extensively incorporated Hadley Group products inits construction.Hadley Group continues to supply Arena Supplies with acomprehensive range of accessories such as cleats and bracketry,while also providing cut-to-length profiles and special fabricationson a short lead-time. As with other key clients, Hadley Groupallocates project management and a Customer Service team towork closely with Arena Supplies.Hadley Group’s **UltraZED™** purlins are produced from high tensilesteel, developed to outperform conventional products; offeringexcellent strength, spanning characteristics, as well as weightsavings of between 6 and 13%. Available in a choice of 59 differentdepth and gauge variations, they are CE marked toBS EN 1090 Execution class 4.Compatible with industry leading Tekla software and HadleyGroup’s own **DesignSuite Pro software**, Hadley’s **UltraZED™**purlins can be specified, enabling speed of cut to length sectionorders, delivery and installation. The purlins also provide agenerous 70mm face for fixing sheeting or other claddingmaterials, while facilitating the free movement of air withinthe building.

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