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Complex rollformed profiles

You need custom profiles, with a complex shape. A combination of H, I, U, T or Z profiles, perhaps, with thin walls, different angles and grooves. The profile has to be very precise, and you need large quantities. Rollforming offers a quick, and cost-efficient solution. Hadley is the technological market leader in rollformed profiles. Drawing on their invaluable expertise, our engineers help you consider the options and produce drawings for your complex profiles. We relish a challenge!


Rollforming has a number of key advantages, not least the fact that it gives your engineers a great deal of freedom when producing the design; with rollforming, the possibilities are almost endless. Another big advantage is that it accommodates a variety of in-line processing methods, such as notching, embossing, bending, printing and laser welding. Because of this, little, if any refinishing is needed, saving you both time and money. Read more about the advantages of rollforming.


Hadley has more than 50 years’ experience in the production of complex rollformed profiles. With seven production sites around the world, we can quickly deliver profiles on every continent. We process the best materials, make our own machines and tools, and use a number of patented processes. We can handle the following specifications:

  • We develop products with thicknesses from 0.3 to 8 mm and widths up to 1.3 m. This enables us to deliver profiles with very thin walls.
  • A wide range of geometric possibilities, such as U profiles, angle profiles, C profiles, Z profiles and Omega profiles
  • We work with tolerances as low as 0.05 mm
  • We also process materials with polished surfaces and pre-coated materials
  • We can apply various in-line processing methods.


To choose Hadley is to choose quality, speed, and cost efficiency - as well as a partnership. We work with you, to choose the best solution for your particular scenario. Our engineers are experts in cold rollforming: they know what's possible, and have the creativity needed to identify with you the best solution for your custom profile. Hadley is also committed to research and development. Our Centre of Excellence is based in the UK, and is home to more than 50 engineers and technicians who work full-time in research and product development, tool and machine design, production, and technical support. Their knowledge is available to every customer of Hadley - including you!


In rollforming, the shape isn't the only thing that matters: the type of material is also critical. Each material has its own properties. Some metals are easier to process, others are stronger or look more attractive. Hadley's engineers can advise you which material is the best choice for you. The delivery lead time and stocks of a particular material are also factors to be taken into account. Plus, of course, the price tag: much of the cost of a profile is made up of the costs of the selected material

The materials we use to develop profiles include:

  • Steel (galvanized and stainless)
  • Aluminium
  • Various light alloys
  • Other metals by agreement

We will also advise you on any surface finishing. When necessary, our specialists develop a custom coating.


Right around the world, and in various markets, you will encounter products in which complex profiles, rollformed by Hadley, are a major component. Some examples are construction, automotive (we are certified to ISO TS-16959), agriculture, industry, and the lighting market. Complex roll form parts are mainly found in products which:

  • need to be light in weight
  • demand a high degree of precision
  • rely on a cast-iron assurance that components will be delivered quickly, and on time


Each industry has its own quality standards. We know the standards specific to each industry. Thanks to continuous process control, we maintain a high quality level. We produce a design in consultation with you and, if required, will first rollform a prototype. On request, we also provide measurement reports, colour tests and SPC reports. We discuss your preferences and requirements with you.


If you would like to know more about complex rollformed profiles and what we can do, get in touch!

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