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News Posts

Fruit Focus – 25 July 2018

Hadley Group, a world leader in advanced cold rolled steel technology, will be returning to the Fruit Focus show on Wednesday 25th July where they will be showcasing their pioneering range of Vineposts on stand 67.

Taking place at the NIAB EMR (East Malling Research Centre) in Kent, the annual horticultural event provides a unique opportunity for exhibitors to update visitors on the latest technologies and developments to support them in the industry. Visitors to the Hadley Group stand will discover more about the company’s wide range of Vineposts, which are available in various lengths, strengths and colours as well as a number of different finishes to suit all applications.

Hadley Group Vineposts set new standards in quality and performance, outperforming traditional wooden vine pickets and alternative metal vine supports on a number of levels. Developed using the internationally patented UltraSTEEL® cold rolled process; the Vineposts offer the ultimate product in innovation, stability and cost efficiency.

Craig Howard, National Sales Manager – Drylining Products and Adam Lyness, National Sales Manager at Hadley Group will be welcoming visitors to stand 67 where they will be on hand to offer advice and showcase the various products.

Craig Howard said: “We are looking forward to returning to the Fruit Focus show this year. It is a great opportunity for us to speak to visitors about the benefits and options that our Vineposts can offer them. All of our Vineposts are a result of extensive product development to meet the specific wire needs of individual growers and producers. We also have the capability to design and produce custom-made vineposts, developing prototype samples at our in-house facility and, once approved, manufacturing in high volumes. They can be powder coated, pre-galvanised or chromed in a range of colours for individual requirements.’’

The UltraSTEEL® process is a groundbreaking patented steel strengthening technology at the core of Hadley Group products. The process occurs before the flat steel is rolled into its vinepost form, producing a dimpled pattern across the surface of the material. The dimpled surface increases surface area by an impressive 22% allowing the post to come into contact with more earth and therefore increasing its stability in the ground. In addition, the Hadley Group Vinepost is so flexible it can be rotated 180˚ and then sprung back to its original position, without deformation. The UltraSTEEL® process clearly improves the mechanical properties of the Hadley Group Vinepost without requiring any additional material.

A selection of Hadley Group’s Vineposts, available in sizes Micro, Mini, Midi, Maxi and Magnum, will be on display at Fruit Focus 2018.

Find out more and book your tickets for Fruit Focus

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