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News Posts

Hadley and Overeem invest in a new 3D coordinate measuring machine in the Netherlands

We have been an important supplier of roll formed profiles to various markets for decades. Our speciality is exacting and complex components. With our knowledge and expertise of the roll forming process and materials we achieve significant weight savings for our customers, and thanks to our roll forming technology we guarantee a high degree of consistency and accuracy. Moreover, our Centre of Excellence is continuously engaged in the further improvement of roll forming technology and in brainstorming with customers about their latest development projects, such as battery housings for electric and hybrid cars.

Faster and more specific measurement increasingly important for production process

In response to explosive growth and increasing customer demand, the management, in consultation with our quality department, decided to invest in a new 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) equipped with the very latest technology. This new CMM gives us the ability to measure more features simultaneously, faster and more specifically.

The foundations of roll forming are crucial. By foundations, we mean the very first settings for a newly rolled product or profile. The better the initial setting is, the more stable the production process of the entire series will be.

With the new CMM, we can measure parts directly as they come off the roll forming lines. After a component has been measured, a report is generated and we check whether the roll formed profile meets all the dimensional requirements. We use this data to show where the profiles are most at risk of going out of specification. We then immediately focus on these risk areas and make adjustments to the tooling. With this approach, we are able to guarantee a top-tier, stable process in which we deliver consistently high quality with less waste and shorter lead times.

Optimum profiles and short lead times

We use a large number of fully automatic production lines and can integrate a variety of additional process steps into our roll forming line. These include cutting, hole punching, 2.5D bending, laser welding, flattening, stamping and packaging. We also meet all the various markets' requirements for surface treatment of complex roll formed profiles. Our investment strategy is based on always working with the highest quality equipment, and our latest CMM in the Netherlands was purchased with that in mind.

This is all part of how we work with customers to optimise the production process, thereby keeping lead times for new and existing profiles and products as short as possible. Truly a win-win situation.


Want to throw around some ideas with us concerning the possibilities and advantages that roll forming has to offer in the production of complex roll formed profiles? We are always happy to help! In collaboration with your team, we can pool our experience and expertise in roll forming and produce high quality, cost effective roll formed profiles, components or products. Feel free to contact us here.

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