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News Posts

Hadley Group bringing it's vinepost expertise to the South of France

Hadley Group is delighted to announce it will be exhibiting at Vinitech-Sifel, one of the world’s biggest arboriculture, wine and vegetable production events taking place in Bordeaux on 20-22 November 2018.

The company will be bringing its range of vineposts to the two-day event, which attracts 45,000 professionals from more than 70 countries. Visitors to Hadley Group’s stand, Hall 1 E 1109 will learn how the company provides a comprehensive service for some of the world’s top wine producers and fruit farmers.

Hadley Group produces a wide selection of vineposts that are available in a range of lengths and strengths to suit all applications. The products are manufactured with the innovative UltraSTEEL® cold rollforming process, which delivers a unique combination of durability and performance. During the UltraSTEEL® process, steel is rolled between two mating rolls, producing a dimpled pattern across the surface. This ‘work hardening’ results in a much stronger product, one that delivers a better grip in the ground for greater stability.

As a result of the innovative process, Hadley Group’s vineposts outperform traditional wooden vine pickets or alternative metal vine supports on a number of levels. The product provides high rigidity for exceptional load carrying capacity, high stability in the ground due to greater surface area and extreme flexibility to help the posts spring back into position even when rotated as much as 180 degrees. The disease resistant steel product helps to produce a healthier crop and guarantees corrosion-resistance for up to 25 years.

The result of extensive product development, Hadley Group’s vineposts have been tailored to meet the specific wire support needs of wine growers around the world. The company can supply posts that can be powder coated, pre-galvanised and chromed in a range of colours. What’s more, Hadley Group can design and produce custom-made vineposts and develop prototype samples at its in-house facility, that once approved, can be manufactured at high volumes.

Representatives from Hadley Group will be present at stand number Hall 1 E 1109 to network with members of the vineyard and orchard sector and to answer any technical questions.

Speaking on Hadley Group’s plans to exhibit at Vinitech-Sifel, European Sales Manager, Dan Martin commented: “We’re really looking forward to bringing our vineposts to the South of France this November. It is also a great opportunity to meet with some of the leading figures from the vineyard and orchard industry from across Europe. The exhibition was established more than 40 years ago and has been built on a reputation of being the meeting place for professionals from the wine-producing, arboriculture and vegetable production sectors. We can’t wait to join in the discussion and educate more people about our innovative range of vineposts.”

Read more about our vineposts range.

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