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News Posts

Improved performance of vineposts produced with UltraSTEEL technology

Hadley Group vineposts are the result of extensive product development that aims to meet the specific needs of winemakers around the world. These vineposts were developed together with winegrowers. Hadley Group designs and produces custom-made vineposts and prototype samples in-house. After approval of the prototypes, we produce the vineposts in the desired volumes for each vineyard project. Customers all over the world are currently discovering the advantages of vineposts produced using the UltraSTEEL process.

The internationally patented UltraSTEEL process is a pre-treatment technology for the source material. UltraSTEEL helps customers to improve product efficiency and reduce the weight and use of raw materials. Our UltraSTEEL manufacturing technology delivers a unique combination of durability and performance. UltraSTEEL is a cold rollforming process: the steel is rolled between two opposing rolls, creating a wave pattern over the entire surface. This process is safeguarded by worldwide patents and is manufactured all over the world by licensees and companies of Hadley Group.

The advantages of steel vineposts

Hadley Group vineposts outperform traditional wooden posts or alternative metal vineposts in a number of areas. Alongside being environmentally friendly, durable, and low-maintenance, they significantly reduce torsion. The strength of the vineposts increases their load-bearing capacity, reducing the risk of damage from bending and breaking. The product also offers a high level of stability in the ground thanks to its larger surface area and extreme flexibility – the poles can be brought back into position even when they’re turned 180 degrees!

Our disease-resistant vineposts help to ensure a healthier crop, and we guarantee corrosion resistance for up to 25 years.

Read here why Four Boys Vineyard chose Hadley’s range of vineposts.

Global production of steel vineposts

A result of extensive product development, Hadley Group’s vineposts are custom-made to meet the specific wire support needs of vineyard owners around the world. The company can supply posts that can be powder-coated, pregalvanized, and chromed in various colours. In addition, Hadley Group designs and manufactures custom-made vineposts and develops prototypes in its own factory that, once approved, can be produced in large volumes worldwide.

During the production process, the effective thickness of the material is increased by up to twice the original size. This is caused by a deformation process known as ‘work hardening’ or ‘strain hardening’, which increases the yield stress of the material.

The result is an environmentally friendly product with a greater load-bearing capacity, a larger surface for better grip, improved memory and spring tension, plus up to 30% less deforming.

Hadley’s expertise

Our expertise in manufacturing cold rollformed steel products has enabled us to develop a range of agricultural systems that offer a unique combination of durability, stability, and value. Many of our customers love the design of the vineposts thanks to the effect UltraSTEEL has on the post.

If you’re looking for a strong, environmentally friendly product and want to know how our knowledge and vineposts can help you work more efficiently,

Please get in touch for a no-obligation discussion. The engineers at Hadley Group would be happy to advise you.

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